Andy Bass

Andy Bass is an experienced biotechnology executive with a knack for design. He has developed bio-based products for the consumer market for more than 10-years. His companies have sold millions of dollars of consumer biology products in over 20 countries around the world. Andy is available for product consulting, brand development, speaking engagements and long-term projects.

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BioPop ///


Andy co-founded BioPop to develop living products that inspire a sense of human connectivity with the natural world through modern design.

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Sine Wakeboards ///


In addition to investing in Sine, Andy developed the branding, graphics and video assets for the innovative wakeboard brand.

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Urbz® Planters ///


Designed by Andy and his team, Urbz® Planters are modular plant pods for growing herbs, succulents and flowers directly on your windows using natural sunlight.

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Yonder Biology ///


Andy co-founded Yonder to show people their inner beauty through DNA selfies. Yonder's DNA art has been featured in the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.

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Fit & U Know It ///


Founded in 2005, Fit was the first company that Andy started. The innovative fashion brand debuted at the Agenda and Pool trade shows and was sold at popular boutiques throughout NYC, LA and Tokyo.

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Mushlume UFO ///


The Mushlume™ UFO is home to celestial beings known in this galaxy as dinoflagellates. Designed by Andy, this unidentified fun object is sure to capture the imaginations of those who witness it. 

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Atlast Food Co. ///


Andy is among the founding team of Atlast Food Co., a spinout of Ecovative that is using mycelium to make plant-based meats (mushroom meats). Going beyond burgers and sausages, Atlast is creating whole meat products like bacon, steak, chicken and fish.

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Good Food Conference ///

Watch Andy present innovative biotechnology in plant-based and cell-based meats and announce the formation of a brand new food company,